Falls Creek Primary School is a remote, rural school in a unique alpine environment.  Situated 30km from Mt Beauty in the Victorian High Country, the school services the small but fluctuating cosmopolitan population of the Falls Creek alpine resort.  The school operates year round and student numbers vary seasonally from an initial enrolment of around 10 to 20 at the beginning of the school year to 40 in the winter term.

The school was established in 1972 and largely owes its existence to the dedication and support of the Falls Creek community.  This sense of community remains strong today as evidenced by the assistance and involvement of the parent body in school activities.

The current building was constructed in 1985 with additional classroom space being added with Building the Education Revolution funding in 2012. It provides a modern, comfortable learning environment. The well heated classrooms can easily be converted to a multi-purpose area, as dictated by the needs of the school or those of the wider community. The outdoor facilities are small, but adequate for the summer population with artificial turf, a basketball ring, and a sand pit and seating under shade sails.

The purpose of the Falls Creek Primary School is to provide a range of challenging, integrated and motivating learning experiences for the students in all strands of the curriculum.  

The aim is to develop high standards, foster self esteem, maximise each child’s potential and prepare them for further education.  This is done in a positive, caring environment with teachers, parents and students working together in partnership.

The school values:

·         Fairness, respect and trust

·         Cooperation and teamwork

·         Honesty and integrity

·         The rights of individuals