All school families and those interested in enrolment at the school are encouraged to read the Parent Information Book.  

Click here to find out more about our Parent Payment Arrangements.

Further information on parent payments can be found on the Department of Education and Training policy website – Parent Payments.

Term dates for 2021

Term 1      Thursday 28th January to Thursday 1st April

Term 2      Monday 19th April to Friday 25th June

Term 3      Monday 12th July to Friday 17th September

Term 4      Monday 4th October to Friday 17th December

Term dates for 2022

Term 1 Friday 28 January to Friday 8 April

Term 2 Tuesday 26 April to Friday 24 June

Term 3 Monday 11 July to Friday 16 September

Term 4 Monday 3 October to Tuesday 20 December